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Foodism Toronto Recipes

  • Tabytha Towe's 'Tweedle Tea'

    Tabytha Towe's 'Tweedle Tea' cocktail took first place and will now be available for purchase (in Toronto) at Dolly Trolley Drinks (with $20 from each set going directly to the winner).
  • Perk Me Up by Japhet Bower

    This surprising cocktail packs a coffee punch and is the perfect pick me up after a long day. 
  • Unicorn Milk Punch by Tess Sawyer

    This is a sunny combination of fruit juices, coconut milk and of course, Vodkow that will delight your palate! 
  • Blueberry Fields Forever by Isaac Haslam

    A surprising combination of ingredients come together to create this inspired cocktail!