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White Russian Cupcakes

Enjoy Vodkow Cream Liquor baked into this lovely recipe for White Russian Cupcakes, by Jen Arnold, Pastry Chef and Owner of The Sweet Kitchen.

Vodkow Cream V-day Chocolate Fondue

This delicious fondue for grown-ups only, combines Vodkow Cream with your choice of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, producing a dip with a kick for marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and more.

Vodkow Cream Pasta, inspired by love, from Springbrook Kitchen

We thank Allan Stanley of Hennemann Stanley Design for lovingly incorporating Vodkow into a special Valentine's Day meal. He has shared the beautifully designed recipe card along with helpful tips to help you recreate Vodkow Cream Pasta.

Vodkow / Small Pony “Passion Flakie”

These flakey, sweet, and a little sour take on the Passion Flakie are unapologetically messy to eat…but so easy to make!  The fruit filling can also be changed up with any berry and paired sour beer so there’s so much opportunity for creativity.