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Vodkow Maple Cream Fizz

This is a delicious take on a traditional ramos gin fizz, made with cream and egg whites that yields a velvety and fizzy texture. An interesting combination with hints of maple and orange.

Vodkow Cream V-day Chocolate Fondue

This delicious fondue for grown-ups only, combines Vodkow Cream with your choice of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, producing a dip with a kick for marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and more.

Vodkow-Chata Martini

Martinis for two in under five minutes is what you'll get with this tasty blend of both Vodkow and Vodkow Cream, and with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Snowcap Café au Lait

This Snowcap Café au Lait created by Yvonne Langen of Taste and Tipple is a kind of hybrid of an Espresso Martini and a White Russian. She wanted to use both Vodkow and Vodkow Cream to create a dessert-like drink experience.

Vodkow Cream on Ice

Best served over ice or in your coffee, Vodkow Cream is the perfect canvas to create your own creamy cocktails.

Coffee Nut

This beautiful blend of flavours is the perfect after-dinner espresso treat. Rich, creamy and nutty, it'll warm your soul and please your palate.

Creamy Chai

If you love chai tea, you'll adore this creamy, moozy warm cocktail. The edible garnish makes this presentation stunning for you and your social bubble.

Spicy Maple Cream

Inspired by the maple run, this cocktail combines sweet, spice and sour with the velvety smoothness of Vodkow Cream Maple. A toast to Lanark County - the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario!

Mooberry Sweet Cream

Creamy and delicious, this Mooberry concoction can change with seasons as you buy your local berries. Try this Vodkow inspired not too-sweet treat!

Kelsey's Winter Cream Holiday Cocktail

This espresso inspired holiday cocktail has been created by the incredibly creative queen of sustainable cocktails, Kelsey Ramage. Not a fan of eggnog, this creamy cocktail satisfies her nod to the holidays.


Now for something completely different. This chocolate lover Vodkow Cream Chocolate cocktail comes with a spicey, smokey twist. 

Bartender Atlas Cream Liqueur Season Cocktail by Josh Lindley

An “after dinner drink”. While Vodkow Cream can be added to coffee as is, this works with other ingredients that we associate with the hour or so after eating a bunch.