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Amourtentia: A love potion

A caution from the Department of Mysteries: This cocktail causes a powerful infatuation or obsession from the drinker, consumed with caution.

Vodkow Afternoon Martini

Dial up the traditional espresso martini with some unique chai flavours, bringing out notes of cardamom and cinnamon to complement this ever so popular cocktail.


Nothing says fresh quite like watermelon. This bright, tall cocktail marries Vodkow with Split Tree's Ginger Vanilla cordial for a light, refreshing sipper.

Cranberry Ginger Smash

Housed in a copper mug to enhance flavour and aroma, this refreshing, sparkling drink marries the smoothness of Vodkow vodka with the spice of ginger and bright notes of apple cider and cranberries. Can be enjoyed year-round by adjusting the garnish.

Tom Kowllins

This tall, light classic is a favourite for happy hour. Served in a highball with lots of ice, this is our take on one of history's most enduring, refreshing drinks.


Calling all coffee lovers! Vodkow makes a sensational coffee liqueur, with just the right amount of sweetness and all the coffee flavour you could ask for. 

Cranberry Vodkow Punch

This fresh take on the classic vodka cranberry drink adds a citrusy and gingery component and brings out the unique flavour of Vodkow. 

Vodkow Hot Toddy

Perfect to warm you up on a cold day, this hot toddy is packed with spice and the tastes of Autumn. 

Moskow Mule

Spicy and sweet, our version of the Moskow Mule will be the life of any holiday party this season. 

Gingerbread White Russian

This amped-up version of a White Russian is a whole new seasonal take on a delicious classic drink! 

Strawberry Vodkow

Strawberry vodka is taken to a whole new level with this special strawberry-infused Vodkow. 

Candy Cane Vodkow

Brighten up your holiday celebrations with this interesting take on vodka. Vodkow’s unique taste combines with traditional candy canes to create a whole new holiday flavour sensation!