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Foodism Toronto: Sustainable Vodkow Cocktail Contest Finalist Recipes

We are thrilled to share 4 unique recipes from Foodism Toronto's Sustainable Vodkow Cocktail Contest where anti-waste bartender Kelsey Ramage of Supernova Ballroom challenged Ontario veteran and aspiring bartenders to dig into their pantries to create a sustainable cocktail using carbon neutral Vodkow. With a #WasteNotWant attitude each bartender came up with a unique and inspired offering. The following four recipes rose to the top despite loads of competition. Some of you may have seen Kelsey Ramage and Foodism's Associate Editor Katie Bridges prepare each live on Instagram before declaring a winner.

Tabytha Towe's 'Tweedle Tea' cocktail took first place and will now be available for purchase (in Toronto) at Dolly Trolley Drinks (with $20 from each set going directly to the winner).

TWEEDLE TEA by Tabytha Towe


45 ml Vodkow

90 ml Strawberry

Tea mixture

For Strawberry Tea:

4 Celestial Chamomile and Lavender teabags

2 Tbsps coconut sugar 2 cups frozen strawberries

3 Tbsp coconut flakes 


In a pot bring 2 cups of water to boil with 4 Chamomile and Lavender tea bags.

Add frozen strawberries, coconut sugar, and dehydrated coconut flakes.

Turn to simmer, stir, then turn off. Let sit and cool 15 minutes.

Double strain the liquid into a jug with a lid and remove the coconut flakes, strawberries and tea bags. Add 4 cups of filtered water. Shake and put in the fridge. The coconut flakes may leave a powdery residue so strain more if desired.

Serve in a teacup or old fashioned glass, fill with ice. Add Vodkow and top with Strawberry Tea mixture. Garnish with a lavender sprig for a beautiful aroma or sprinkle coconut flakes on top.

PERK ME UP by Japhet Bower


60 ml Vodkow

15 ml spent coffee sherry vinegar

15 ml maple syrup

60 ml low sugar tonic water e.g. Fever-Tree.


Pour all ingredients except the tonic water into a mixing glass and stir for 30 seconds. Strain into a glass half-rimmed with the sugared coffee grounds and top up with tonic water.

Additional prep:

To make spent coffee sherry vinegar, take 24 g of spent coffee grounds and add 68 ml of sherry vinegar. Let it sit overnight and strain with a cheesecloth. Set aside the grounds.

To make the sugared coffee rim, take the grounds you set aside and dry them at 175 F. Blend them with 24 g of white sugar. Add 4 g of salt.



45 ml Vodkow

90 ml Unicorn Milk Punch*

20 ml Sunshine Syrup

50 ml Sunshine Juice Blend

20 ml Mint 'Tea' (mint leaves and water) 

30 ml coconut milk

For Unicorn Milk Punch*

50 ml Sunshine Juice blend

20 ml Sunshine Syrup

For Sunshine Juice Blend*

2 parts lemon juice

2 parts cantaloupe juice

1 part carrot juice 

For Sunshine Syrup:

Lemon zest

Carrot and cantaloupe scraps


Into a large vessel pour cold coconut milk. In a separate vessel combine the Sunshine Juice Blend, Sunshine Syrup, and Mint 'Tea'. Slowly pour the mixture into the cold coconut milk. Let sit for at least an hour hour and up to 24 hours refrigerated depending on the size of the batch. Using a coffee filter strain the milk punch into a new vessel. If the first pour is not completely clear, pour that back over the same coffee filter so it can catch the solids. You should be left with a velvety clear liquid.

For the Sunshine Syrup:

Zest your lemons before juicing and save for this syrup. You will use those lemon zests and your off-cuts from the carrots and cantaloupe as well as the 'guts'. 

In a pot add your fruit and veggie scraps with enough water to cover them. Bring the water to a boil. Then add 1.25 times as much sugar as you did water. Turn the stove down to simmer and stir until the sugar dissolves. Let cool. 

For the Mint 'Tea':

When I buy mint, I put it in a container with water in my fridge to keep it fresh for days. You can use actual mint tea, but as a means to repurpose ingredients, I used the water the mint had been sitting in which is essentially a cold-brewed mint tea. 



45 ml Vodkow

90 ml Blueberry Shrub


Sarjesa Earl Grey Tea

For Blueberry Shrub:

1 cup sugar

1.5 cup blueberries

1 cup apple cider vinegar


For Blueberry Shrub:

Pour blueberries and sugar into a mason jar. Muddle until a chunky slurry is produced. Cover with cheesecloth or loose-fitting lid. Set out on the counter for 3 days.

Uncover mixture which now should be completely syrupy. Add apple cider vinegar and blend until the mixture is juiced.

Strain mixture and let sit inside the fridge for a few hours before use.

For tea:

Steep 2 bags of Sarjesa Earl Grey Tea in 7 oz water

Let sit in the fridge for 8 hours – disturbing it if possible every 2 hours.

Remove tea bags and store in the fridge until making the cocktail.

Combine 4 oz of Blueberry Shrub mixture with 3 oz of Sarjesa Earl Grey Concentrate

Fill a Collins glass with ice and pour in Vodkow and Blueberry Shrub mixture. Top with Soda.

Garnish with small lavender sprig.

Read all about the Foodism Toronto cocktail contest here.

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