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Vodkow Cream Pasta, inspired by love, from Springbrook Kitchen

Part of the pleasure of working at Dairy Distillery is meeting the local makers and residents of Almonte and Mississippi Mills, not to mention the many who travel from far and wide. We had the pleasure of a visit from Almonte locals Eileen Hennemann and Allan Stanley who are partners in life and in work at Hennemann Stanley Design. Eileen is also a talented artist and part of The Ten Collective that brings together 10 Canadian artists of diverse backgrounds to show their latest work. The 3rd annual event will take place in Almonte on April 4-5, 2020, at the beautiful and historic Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Vodkow is proud to support these artists and share samples with the 2,000+ attendees.

Following their distillery tour and armed with a bottle of Vodkow as inspiration, Allan took his 15-year passion for cooking with local ingredients and got to work in his Springbrook Kitchen to create a pasta dish!

We thank Allan for lovingly incorporating Vodkow into a special Valentine's Day meal. He has shared the beautifully designed recipe card along with helpful tips to help you recreate "Vodkow Cream Pasta". We hope you'll give it a go and let Vodkow inspire you in your meal and beverage planning. 

Don't forget to share your creations with us and our community.


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  • I have to admit that Allan’s Vodkow cream sauce recipe was an inspired creation. I’m looking forward to more of his recipes using Vodkow. This pasta dish was divine!

    Eileen Hennemann

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