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Spicy Maple Cream

Inspired by the maple run, this cocktail combines sweet, spice and sour with the velvety smoothness of Vodkow Cream Maple. A toast to Lanark County - the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario!

Mooberry Sweet Cream

Creamy and delicious, this Mooberry concoction can change with seasons as you buy your local berries. Try this Vodkow inspired not too-sweet treat!

Cranberry Ginger Smash

Housed in a copper mug to enhance flavour and aroma, this refreshing, sparkling drink marries the smoothness of Vodkow vodka with the spice of ginger and bright notes of apple cider and cranberries. Can be enjoyed year-round by adjusting the garnish.

Kelsey's Winter Cream Holiday Cocktail

This espresso inspired holiday cocktail has been created by the incredibly creative queen of sustainable cocktails, Kelsey Ramage. Not a fan of eggnog, this creamy cocktail satisfies her nod to the holidays.


Now for something completely different. This chocolate lover Vodkow Cream Chocolate cocktail comes with a spicey, smokey twist. 

Tom Kowllins

This tall, light classic is a favourite for happy hour. Served in a highball with lots of ice, this is our take on one of history's most enduring, refreshing drinks.

Bartender Atlas Cream Liqueur Season Cocktail by Josh Lindley

An “after dinner drink”. While Vodkow Cream can be added to coffee as is, this works with other ingredients that we associate with the hour or so after eating a bunch.


Calling all coffee lovers! Vodkow makes a sensational coffee liqueur, with just the right amount of sweetness and all the coffee flavour you could ask for. 

Cranberry Vodkow Punch

This fresh take on the classic vodka cranberry drink adds a citrusy and gingery component and brings out the unique flavour of Vodkow. 

Candy Cane Martini

Candy cane infused Vodkow combines with delicious Vodkow cream to make this unique martini a favourite for holiday parties of all kinds! 

Strawberries and Cream Martini

Perfect any time of the year, this strawberry infused martini highlights berry good flavours with a creamy smooth finish. 

Grown-up Root Beer Float

Remember root beer floats? Well we’ve brought them back in a big way with this special concoction. Coffee-infused Vodkow adds a special twist on a classic drink. And don’t forget the ice cream! 
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