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Spring Gift Basket (Almonte Makers)
Spring Gift Basket (Almonte Makers)

Spring Gift Basket (Almonte Makers)

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Spring Gift Basket full of our Almonte Makers' goodies! 

What's inside?

  • 250 ml Vodkow Vodka
  • Almonte Series Friendship Pack
    • 250 ml Vodkow Cream Classic
    • 250 ml Vodkow Cream Chocolate
    • 250 ml Vodkow Cream Maple
    • 250 ml Vodkow Cream Coffee
  • Hummingbird Dark Chocolate Bunny
  • Equator Coffee beans
  • Fulton's Maple Syrup 50ml
  • Dairy Distillery Hand Sanitizer 30ml spray
  • 1 Maximal Living Hand-made Vodkow Soap (Lavender or Eucalyptus)
  • Tasha's Table Jam
  • Reusable IKEA metal and wood basket


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