What does innovation taste like?
It's delicious!


Vodkow is made using an innovative process that transforms unused milk sugar from Ontario dairy farms into a unique clear spirit that is both lactose and sugar free. It's subtly sweet on the nose with traces of vanilla. The palate provides a velvety smooth experience that fades beautifully into a sparkling clean finish accented by a hint of whipped cream. The spirit has character to be enjoyed on its own while versatile to mix in your favourite cocktail.

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A Unique Sugar Source

We are the first distillery to use milk permeate as its source of fermentation sugar.
Milk permeate is a very clean, pure dairy by-product.

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A Proprietary Yeast

We are the only distiller in the world using our strain of yeast. This gives our products a unique taste profile.

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Green Production

Our production process has half the carbon footprint of distillers using grain, corn or potatos. Not only do we use a waste product, our process produces less waste as well.

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Precision Distilling

Vodkow is triple distilled using our gorgeous Carl hybrid still. We first strip the alcohol from the fermented permeate then pass it twice through our 19 plate spirit column to reach a purity of 96%.

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Pure Spring Water

We dilute our spirit with spring water from Lanark Pure Springs. This pristine water adds to the purity of our products.

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Fine Filtering

Prior to bottling, we filter Vodkow using activated carbon housed in a high grade stainless steel housing. This last step removes any potential impurities.

What People Say

"I drove all the way from Toronto and had to make a stop on my way through Almonte to try the Dairy Distillery and I was not disappointed. It's incredibly smooth and crisp. I'll be stopping in whenever I drive through. Congrats on the startup, you've found a new loyal customer."

Lindsay McClean-Maskerine

"I don't like regular vodka, but this is not your regular vodka. Strong, but with a marvelous smooth butter-like finish. Unlike anthing I've ever had."

James Jamison

"Very smooth vodka, move over Grey Goose. Bought 3 bottles and looking forward to a lemon drop martini this weekend."

Sheena Dolan

"There is the creamy essence of fresh dairy on the nose. Like you get when beating whipped cream. The palate does have a plush milky freshness that is very subtle. Back of the palate has a peppery flare that fades beautifully into a sparkling clean finish accented by light traces of condensed milk."

Blair Phillips