Teachers Against Poverty Hand Sanitizer Fundraising Pack

Teachers Against Poverty Hand Sanitizer Fundraising Pack

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Dairy Distillery is a craft distillery located in Almonte, Ontario that has switched to making hand sanitizer to respond to its communities needs. This package contains a 1oz spray bottle along with a 237ml refill bottle. Dairy Distillery liquid hand sanitizer is 80% alcohol made to the World Health Organization recipe. A bittering agent is added to the sanitizer to make sure it can't be consumed. The sanitizer is made with natural food-grade alcohol. Ideal for sanitizing hands and surfaces. The spray bottle can be stored in a child's pencil case or pocket.

Half the proceeds of each sale go to buying food and supplies for Renfrew County children in need.

Medicinal ingredients: ethyl alcohol (80%) Non-Medicinal ingredients: glycerol (1.45%), hydrogen peroxide (0.125%), denatonium benzoate (0.007g/L)

Health Canada Approved: NPN 80098383



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