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Vodkow Cream
Vodkow Cream
Vodkow Cream
Vodkow Cream
Vodkow Cream

Vodkow Cream

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Dairy Distillery Releases Canada's first lactose free dairy cream liquor

When creating Vodkow Cream, we decided to let fresh Canadian cream be the star. We limited the ingredients to a simple blend of cream, sugar and Vodkow. No added flavour or colour. We discovered that Vodkow, our vodka made from milk sugar, amplifies the sublime taste and smoothness of cream. Less sweet than a traditional cream liquor, a sip of Vodkow Cream starts with the heat of vodka that fades into the buttery smoothness of cream. Enjoy the true expression of a cream liquor.

This product can be stored for up to a year unopened. Once open, please refrigerate.


Keep It Canadian

85% of cream liquors sold in Canada are imported. These imports contain over 2 million liters of foreign cream. Normally, Canada regulates dairy imports but somehow cream liquors are exempt. To encourage Canadians to support local, the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) have granted us use of their “Blue Cow” logo on our Vodkow Cream bottle. The first time featured on a spirits bottle, the DFC logo certifies the cream we use is 100% Canadian.  Look for the “Blue Cow” when buying your next bottle of cream liquor.

Lactose and Gluten Free 

Vodkow Cream is made from scratch at our distillery in Almonte, Ontario. We invested in the equipment and know-how to do the entire process ourselves. This has allowed us to innovate and create Canada’s first lactose free dairy cream liquor. Vodkow Cream is also gluten free since it’s made using our vodka made from milk. Now Canadians with lactose intolerance or gluten concerns can enjoy our dairy cream liquor. 

Breaking the bond: The science behind lactose-free cream

Milk is a miracle food having the fat, protein and carbohydrates (sugar) humans need to survive. However, the sugar in milk, lactose, can cause digestive problems for some people. Lactose is a disaccharide meaning it’s made up of two simple sugars, glucose and galactose bonded together.  To digest lactose, humans produce an enzyme called lactase that breaks lactose into its simple sugars that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal lining. People with lactose intolerance can’t produce enough lactase enzyme so the lactose passes through their intestine to their colon causing discomfort.  In 1985, scientists at the US Department of Agriculture figured out how to make lactase through natural fermentation.  This breakthrough made lactose-free dairy products possible. Our dairy supplier uses lactase to make the cream we use lactose free. So people with lactose intolerance can enjoy Vodkow Cream without worry.  Cheers to science!

Mixes Well With Others

Cream liquors usually have a distinct flavour. Like Baileys and its chocolate notes or Rumchata’s cinnamon flavour. We took a different approach and added no flavourings to Vodkow Cream. It’s clean taste comes from fresh cream and our Vodkow milk vodka. This gives Vodkow Cream a more neutral taste profile, making it the perfect canvas for creamy cocktails. If you feel like raspberry, try mixing Vodkow Cream with Chambord. Looking for lemon flavour, add a splash of Limoncello. The possibilities are endless.

Find recipes you can try using Vodkow Cream.

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Kelly L.
Canada Canada
The best drink I've had since the Vodkow

So happy to find a delicious cream product lactose free LOVE

Norma B.
Canada Canada
Friggin’ amazing!!

Definitely ordering more!! Love it!!

Cynthia P.
Canada Canada
Vodkow cream

Excellent. We love it.

Susan B.
Canada Canada
Amazing Product

Vodkow cream is great, not sweet like others. Made a wonderful coffee martini using Vodkow Cream and coffee vodka. This will be a staple now in my house.

Ashley D.
Canada Canada
Why didn't I buy more?!

Amazing taste! Perfect addition to coffee, milk or by itself over ice.


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