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At Dairy Distillery, innovation is at the heart of what we do. So is a deep desire to champion our community and the environment. We’ve married artisanal distilling techniques with cutting edge science to transform unused milk sugar into an incredibly smooth and clean spirit. In doing so we create new opportunity for dairy farmers while reducing waste. We craft great spirits that do good.

All spirits are made by fermenting sugar. At Dairy Distillery, we use a sugar rarely used to make spirits: milk sugar. Milk sugar, or lactose, is a natural, healthy sugar. It was first fermented to make alcohol by the Mongols over a thousand years ago. While milk sugar produces a cleaner, smoother, gluten-free spirit, it never became popular with distillers due to its high cost and production challenges.

Milk from 3,500 Ontario dairy farms is sent to large processors where the cream is removed to make butter and the proteins concentrated to make ultrafiltered milk used by cheese and yogurt makers. When making ultrafiltered milk, a sugar rich liquid called milk permeate is produced. Most milk permeate is dumped straining dairy farmers with its disposal cost.

In this waste, we saw an opportunity. To make world-class spirits with the potential to support hard working local farmers and the environment. In collaboration with the University of Ottawa we’ve perfected a process to convert milk permeate into an unbelievably smooth spirit. Thanks to this process, anything we don’t bottle can be safely put back into the environment. 

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A Unique Sugar Source

We are the first distillery to use milk permeate as its source of fermentation sugar.
Milk permeate is a very clean, pure dairy by-product.

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A Proprietary Yeast

We are the only distiller in the world using our strain of yeast. This gives our products a unique taste profile.

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A Green Production

Our production process has half the carbon footprint of distillers using grain, corn or potatoes. Not only do we use a waste product, our process produces less waste as well.

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Precision Distilling

Vodkow is triple distilled using our gorgeous Carl hybrid still. We first strip the alcohol from the fermented permeate then pass it twice through our 19 plate spirit column to reach a purity of 96%.

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Pure Spring Water

We dilute our spirit with spring water from Lanark Pure Springs. This pristine water adds to the purity of our products.

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Fine Filtering

Prior to bottling, we filter Vodkow using activated carbon housed in a high grade stainless steel housing. This last step removes any potential impurities.